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The mission of Kiribati Keepers is to provide disaster relief in the Pacific island nation of Kiribati as well as help contribute to the relocation effort of citizens currently living on islands  soon to be deemed uninhabitable due to cyclones, king tides, and sea water inundation onto their tiny, atoll islands.

Our Mission

Kiribati is a nation located in the Central Pacific. It is made up of 33 tiny, flat coral atolls, which constitute three island chains that cover an oceanic area comparable to the continental United States.

The salty water of ocean and lagoon surround each atoll, leaving a tiny and fragile fresh water lens upon which the I-Kiribati people depend for their drinking and cooking water. 

When sea level rise, king tides, and cyclones inundate these islands with salt water, their fresh water resources are drastically compromised.

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