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Awareness and Advocacy

Kiribati Keepers works to increase awareness of and amplify support for the challenges facing this fragile yet fierce island nation.  For regular news about Kiribati, like our Kiribati Keepers Facebook Page.









Disaster Relief

As the I-Kiribati people continue to endure the impacts of cyclone storms, king tides, and sea water inundation, Kiribati Keepers aims to provide relief for related medical emergencies and interruptions to clean drinking water access.  We have been able to provide financial relief to 7 families on the island of Arorae who were most impacted by recent storms and in need of significant relief and rebuilding, and most recently we contributed $2,000 US to a Support Group for Kiribati Families on Tarawa during their Covid lockdown.










Providing Reliable and Sustainable Access to Drinking Water

As we connect with Kiribati government officials, residents living on the bustling and crowded island of Tarawa, and contacts on the highly impacted outer islands of Arorae and Tamana, we repeatedly hear about the dire need to secure reliable sources for fresh drinking water.


Currently, we are raising funds to provide portable, solar-powered water desalination technology as a viable and sustainable solution to this emergency.



Cross-Organizational Collaborations

Kiribati Keepers collaborated with Australia's The Island Rescue Project in the fall of 2016 to combine our fundraising efforts towards the procurement of a sea water desalination device for Kiribati. For more information on The Island Rescue Project, please visit 

Educational Collaborations

Kiribati Keepers recently collaborated with fourth graders at Downtown Denver Expeditionary School as they applied their learning about climate change to advocate on behalf of Kiribati.  Follow their great work on the DDES Kiribati Keepers Facebook page, and check out the advocacy products from these young change agents that represent all of their fabulous learning about climate change and Kiribati!

Inspired by research and photos from and about Kiribati, DDES Keepers created mixed media art paired with informative writing pieces which were all shared in a culminating advocacy event informing hundreds of attendants about how climate change is impacting I-Kiribati lives.

Check out these inspiring and informative art and writing pairings below!
















Arorae Storm Relief - AFP Credit.jpg

Our Current Work

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